IT Service & Support

We have a managed services team on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year meaning that you relax with round the clock security, updates, backups and application maintenance.

Costs are vastly lowered against having your own in-house IT team as your services are all integrated and overlooked by a mixed team of IT professionals. There is no need to employ one expert in the many fields of IT when you can use Altra Computer Services's varied team of skilled IT technicians.

As Altra Computer Services monitors your entire IT services at all times of the day, any issues are automatically detected and swiftly dealt with. The Altra Computer Services Lab features self-repair scripting that automatically deals with software updates, spyware detection and running services.

Taking IT service management out of your staff's hands allows your entire team to focus on your core business and not let randomly occurring problems ruin the day.

Altra Computer Services don't just manage your services we also optimise them and see where time and money can be saved by combining systems and automating reports and monitoring.

Creating backups of your vital data is a necessity for nearly all businesses and mistakes can happen with manual switching of tapes and flash drives. Altra Computer Services's Remove Vault backs up every managed system and stored data remotely again saving time, effort and eradicating human errors.

With our complete Managed System solution you can certainly rest easy knowing that the IT side of your business is constantly monitored and in safe, expert hands.

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